Brian Head was incorporated on March 12, 1975. The town was orginally created as a Mayor Council form of government, but in 1988, the citizens decided to vote for a Council Manager form of government which was repealed by the Utah State Legislature in 2007. Those communities which were a Council Manager form of government will continue as such or until they vote for another type of government.


Brian Head Town services the citizens and the community by providing fire, police, water, sewer, police, trash collection, road maintenance, snow removal, motorized and non-motorized trail systems, along with many other government services. Each Department (Administration, Public Safety & Public Works) is responsible for ensuring the safety and welfare of the Town's citizens and guests.

Brian Head is also a "Resort Town" that caters to the outdoor enthusiast. The Town continually works toward improving trail systems of all types. This includes motorized and non-motorized trails. Brian Head Town has focused on working with other state and federal agencies in providing multiple recreational opportunities for the public.

We are continually striving to provide public services beyond the typical government services, such as police, fire, water & sewer. We are more than happy to work with Special Event Coordinators to assist them with their events that are hosted in Brian Head. We realize that Brian Head is one of those unique "Mountain Resort Towns" that stands apart from other communities. Brian Head has the capability of providing a unique experience to the guest who visits Brian Head and its residents.

Brian Head Mayor

Mayor Deutschlander is dedicated to promoting Brian Head as a "Premier Destination Resort Town" in Southern Utah.

Dutch has been the Mayor of Brian Head Town for the past 10 years. He took office as Mayor in 2000. Mayor Deutschlander has also served as a Town Council Member since 1977.

Bio of Mayor "Dutch" Deutschlander

"Dutch" as he is commonly referred to, was born in Buffalo, New York and raised in Western New York. Dutch graduated from Purdue University in 1953 and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. Mayor Deutschlander retired from the Marine Corps in the fall of 1975 as a Lieutenant Colonel and moved to Brian Head in the fall of 1976 and was elected Vice President of the Brian Head Mutual Water Association.

He completed the scholastic requirements at the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, while serving as an Assistant Professor of Naval Science.

Some of his many accomplishments include, but are not limited to:

  • serving two terms on the Iron County Travel Council;
  • two terms on the Utah State Community Development Block Grant Committee;
  • a member of the Five County Area of Government Steering Committee for a number of years;
  • Vice Chair of the Iron County Coordinating Council for nine years;
  • Co-Chair of Utah's Patchword Parkway for nine years;
  • appointed by the Governor to serve on the Utah State Scenic Byway Committee in 2009.

Brian Head Town is proud to acknowledge Mayor Deutschlander's accomplishments over the years and his never ending contributions and dedication to the Town of Brian Head.

Other Agencies

Brian Head Town along with other federal, state, county and local agencies strive to bring information to the public.

Listed below are several agencies that serve the public

1. Road Conditions Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) . Locally, UDOT is responsible for highway 143 from Parowan to Mammoth Creek area. They maintain the highway during the summer and plow the roads in the winter. UDOT has identified a website in which you can access accurate information pertaining to the highways/interstate freeways in Utah. By simply clicking on the area or you can click statewide in order to view the highways in the Brian Head area. This will give you up to date information on a particular highway.

2. Iron County . Brian Head is in Iron County, and this particular website will give you all departments associated with Iron County, such as the County Recorder, Clerk, Treasurer and all other County agencies.

3. Cedar Breaks National Monument Cedar Breaks National Monument is only four (4) miles south of Brian Head Town and offers some of the most scenic vista in Southern Utah.

4. State Parks & Recreation offers information to all of Utah State Parks along with OHV education for youth, OHV motorized trail maps, and is also responsible for many of the groomed snowmobile trails throughout the Cedar Mountain Complex which includes Brian Head, Cedar Breaks and Duck Creek area. For complete information, please visit their webiste.

5. Brian Head Chamber of Commerce offers information to Brian Head Visitors and promotes the Brian Head businesses.

6. Cedar City, Brian Head Tourism Board offers deals and information to the visitors of Southern Utah.

7. Snowmobile Trail Grooming Schedule State Parks & Recreation works in conjunction with Brian Head Town to groom the snowmobile trails from Cedar Breaks National Monument to the High Mountain Overlook in Brian Head. This trail covers the Cedar Mountain / East Fork Complex Snowmobile Area, including Navajo Lake, Duck Creek and Strawberry Valley. Please remember to share the trail with other outdoor recreationalist who also enjoy the groomed trail systems.

8. US Forest Service - Dixie National Forest . Brian Head is surrounded by National Forest lands and the town works closly with the Forest Service in providing recreational opportunities to the public such as ATV Trails, Mountain Bike Trails and issues special use permits for the Brian Head Ski Resort area.

Brian Head Town Departments

The Town of Brian Head consists of three main departments:

Ad min istration :
The Town Manager, Town Clerk/Recorder, Treasurer and Receptionist are the personnel that make up the Administration Department. These people ensure that the day to day operations of the Town are running efficiently.

Public Safety: The Public Safety Department is made up of the Police, Fire and EMS. All of Brian Head's officers are trained and certified as Police Officer's, Fire Fighter's and EMT's. This department is directed by the Public Safety Director with three officers who help and protect Brian Head.

Public Works:
This department has a public works crew of four, a summer trail crew, a Building Official, a Public Works Assistant and a Public Works Director. The department is responsible for the infrastructure of Brian Head, which includes: water, wastewater (sewer), garbage, recycling, streets, trails and a building department. They ensure that the town's infrastructure is operational for both residents and guests of Brian Head.

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